This site provides [1] information on Down syndrome, [2] raw data and supplementary information for Mao et al. (Genomics 2003 May, 81(5)) "Global up-regulation of chromosome 21 gene expression in the developing Down Syndrome brain" and [3] raw and supplementary data for Mao et al. (2005), "Role of gene expression in the developing human Down syndrome brain and heart."

Introduction What is Down Syndrome?
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  Mao et al. (Genomics 2003)
Brain data Gene expression data from human brain
Astrocyte data Gene expression data from human astrocytes
Tables Supplementary tables

  Mao et al. (Genome Biology, 2005)
Methods  Additional methods
Figure 1 Additional Figure 1
Figure 2 Additional Figure 2
Tables Additional Tables 1-4
Gene expression data

Click here to access an Excel spreadsheet (25 samples x 22,000 probesets)
Click here to link to GEO for access to all raw data (DataSet GE1397)
Click here to download all 25 .CEL files

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