Welcome to pediSNP!

pediSNP performs Reverse Pedigree Analysis on SNP data from parents and two or more children to identify inheritance differences among siblings and to locate meiotic recombination sites.

pediSNP is based on the schema developed by SNPtrio, as shown in this Heredity Table. In addition to the normally performed "father + mother -> childX" trio analyses performed by SNPtrio, pediSNP simultaneously analyze the reverse trios of "childA + childB -> father" and "childA + childB -> mother".

By combining the normal and reverse analyses, the inheritance differences and meiotic recombination sites (for pedigrees of 3+ children) can be located in pediSNP plots and tables. The plot patterns and associated meanings are explained here.

To locate recombination sites, pediSNP performs its analysis by examining all maternal, or all paternal, gametes at the same time to locate which child had caused the inheritance pattern changes. Therefore, male's chromosome X is no different from other chromosomes.

The information of inheritance differences can aid the assessment of whether the siblings of a proband with a genetically transmitted disorder share the same genetic deficiency.